So the Christmas holidays are here!

If you seen my new introductory video on my website, you would have heard how my approach to coaching encourages you to “carry a holiday round with you”. i.e. being in somewhat mentally “stepped back” from the drama and be open to new ideas. In that state those new ideas pop up frequently. 

Problems can dissolve away. Often it is only our because we perceive our self-worth to be on the line that we get so stressed.

When we are getting our lives in perspective stepping back is key to cutting down our stress.

I spend a lot of time in a “holiday state” of relaxed contentment but sometimes I get hoodwinked and get more stressed and my perspective narrows without me noticing it. 

I slipped into that hoodwinked state in November and shortly after someone described me as looking “defeated” I realised (i.e. had an insight) that what I really needed was a holiday.

To my surprise, I realised it would be my first “proper holiday” I had in my adult life. I’ve been to some great places like California (3 times), the Canary Island of Fuerteventura, Germany, Ireland and New York. Generally, I was training in something and had a bit of time extra to see something of the local area (not much).

I had enjoyed my December visit to Fuerteventura so decided to go with another Canary Island this time. Just went with the one nearest to the top of my mind… Tenerife. 

Mentally I was keen on having a real break. To be completely open to new ideas and assume nothing. I was keen to let my inner wisdom flow. If I got an insight that would change my career then I’d run with it.

I had some insights before I left for Tenerife. Not sure my Kindle would be able to download books from Tenerife I downloaded some ebooks in advance that would, most likely, give some direction to my thinking.

The insights I got from my trip are very much my own. So, I won’t share the details, but look how broad sweeping can be the results when we put some trust in our inner wisdom.

Here’s some of the fruit of me stepping back:

1) A new way to improve my health that builds on my old work as a Nutrition Consultant, and is backed by science. I started implementing it has soon as I got home.

2) Insights into better ways to use my time, which I have begun to implement and will implement further shortly.

3) Uncovering a new understanding of the human condition, which sits comfortably alongside my coaching but addresses the inner conflict we have as human around being a “good thing” but also doing some truly horrible and despicable things. I am still reading up on this new understanding, but it is already affecting how I see the world.

4) Some new ideas on expanding my contacts and developing my relationships – friendships and business.

5) And apparently from nowhere, a new idea for developing my career in a direction I’ve long wanted to go but felt stuck about. I am already making progress in that direction.

Consider what your wisdom could say to you if you were prepared to listen. So often we spend ages thinking about our problems that we never give our thinking a rest to let wisdom come through. 

Here’s your most obvious chance… Merry Christmas.

If you’ve had some new insights that have benefited your life then I’d love to hear about them. Please comment below.

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