Tony was angry and convinced his employers were incompetent. He came to my first public talk. The next day his world changed. Overnight he had had an insight into the role of thought and it changed him permanently. No longer did he hate work. Two talks later, he dropped decades of depression and anxiety.

Tony had been holding tight to his opinion that he couldn’t be happy without his employers changing. He had been heavily over-thinking trying to find a way to change them. When he learnt his thinking wasn’t reliable a breakthrough happened.

Just three minutes of over-thinking causes signs of mental illness. Thirty minutes and you start switching on disease-causing genes and turning off healthy genes. Inflammation results. Symptoms will depend, partially on those genes, possibilities include depression, anxiety, heart attack, asthma attack and schizophrenia.

This new understanding of the mind reduces all that mental strain. Here is his video testimonial.

Psychiatrist, Dr Bill Pettit, explains how important it is to have a correct understanding of the mind to have peace of mind (in two parts).

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