I have helped several students with CIMA's P1 an exam. Here's a compendium of my work...

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In the first video I coach Michael who has a few fails of the P1 exam, and gone off to pass F1 in the meantime but he doesn't feel he retains the info. It is too early for longer term results but he certainly "woke up" more in the session.

Weeks and months after the exam Verity still feels the benefit of the session.

“I got much more than I expected when I asked Imogen for help with exam revision. She encouraged me take a step back and analyse my overall situation; not just my stress around not passing my exam. After our coaching session I felt more inspired to return to my textbook and notes. Imogen got me back in touch with my innate ability to study and allowed me to live a happier, more balanced life. The exam is now passed, and I still have these benefits which I continue to apply to my daily life and am using towards studying for my next exam". 

The final item is an article by me, which I have difficulty post here. But if you are member of my CIMA E1, F1, P1 & social group then you can find it here. And if you are not hten you are welcome to apply for membershuip.

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