Hello! I usually set out to help my fellow accountancy students (which is what this website was set up for) but with the occurence of Coronavirus COVID-19 and the resultant effect on the economy I have expanded who I am prepared to help.

Despite often being able to help people who are anxious, I became anxious about COVID-19 and my elderly parents. I feared they would die.

Realising I was panicked I turned back to the first of the videos below. It features Dr Bill Pettit, a US Board certified Doctor/Psychiatrist with a BIG heart. He gets remarkable results because of that big heart. 

He doesn't teach a technique. He just speaks truth.  And even though he doesn't mention the economy or the virus in this video you'll find it still hits home. 

I calmed down. Felt happier, Made better decisions and my parents are safe. 

Here's the video that helped me so much.

(Note: in it he mentions some videos by Sydney Banks that he says is on the 3PGC website. The videos are now available here. The Long Beach Lectures are probably the ones he is referring to, but they are all great.)

Here's a QUICK video only 3.5 minutes with Michael Neill, an international life/business coach:

Here's another video with Dr Bill where Coronavirus is specifically talked about. 

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