Imogen Caterer founded Learning Life and is its coach. In 2013 she was suffering from enduring anger when she stumbled on a new understanding of the mind.

The truth! Her anger suddenly disappeared and she was filled with energy. She could see that she created her experience of life from the inside-out. An understanding backed by Physics and Neuroscience but not in popular culture, or many psychological theories.

  It makes a massive difference to stress levels and gives a new, happier perspective on life. Most people who come across this understanding love to spread the understanding as they find it so liberating.

In 2014 Imogen did Supercoach Academy one of the world's top training programs in this understanding of the mind (called the Inside-out understanding). She is a Certified Transformative Coach.

After her first public talk, someone transformed overnight from hating his job to seeing it in a whole new light. (See Anthony Ledbury's testimonial on the blog on Depression & Anxiety)

Imogen explains: " These extra-ordinary results are because people insightfully see the truth of this understanding. Really simple things like "you can't predict the future", but when we are stressed we believe we can. Also the understanding get you in touch with your innate health."

In 2017, Imogen became a CIMA student.  In the CIMA-run Facebook groups, Imogen discovered a lot of suffering students getting stressed and tense about their exams.

Keen to help, she wrote and circulated an article on how she passed the P1 exam first time. That incorporated some of the understanding of the mind she helps people with.  The article got a great response.

When Imogen started studying for the Operational Case Study exam opened up a Facebook group to work with other students. She passed first time but then helped the next set of students. She started giving talks in the group to help other students pass the exam.

Two years later, she still helps that group.

The groups later expanded out to help students across most of the professional qualification. Imogen grew a team helping her and the non-OCS groups are now looked after by the new leader.

In February 2019 Imogen was contacted by Verity who had multiple fails on the P1 exam and was wondering how to she could improve and pass. Imogen volunteered to coach her. The session was recorded, and can be found on this blog.  The session was also posted on the Learning Life Facebook fan page.

But the session wasn't what many people think of as a coaching session. Imogen didn't push or cajole Verity into more work. Nor did Imogen give her any tutition in accountancy. One of Imogen's early questions was about what happened when Verity lost some thing and struggled to find it.

But Verity had major insights into how to study better and about life-work balance. She remarked at one point that she felt stupid not to see some of this stuff before. 

Imogen remarks "Verity hadn't been stupid. She'd just had mental blindspots. The insights she got in the session dislodged several of those blindspots and she could then see things that she was blinded to before. And they then seemed so obvious to her that she thought she must of been stupid not to see them before. It is this effect that can produce some amazing transformations."

Imogen continues her CIMA studies and builds this blog and the Learning Life fan page as and when she can.

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